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Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing Services in Columbus and Delaware, OH

The Columbus area is no stranger to winter snowfalls. And while there is no shortage of snow plow service providers in the region, few have the expertise and commitment to quality service that Shearer Patio & Landscape Services does.

We are available to provide fast, convenient plowing for businesses throughout Central Ohio. Whether it’s a commercial parking lot or a smaller private driveway, one call to our team is all it takes to have a modern, well-maintained plow dispatched to your location.

Benefits of Working With an Experienced Snow Plow Contractor

When a major storm hits, you need all hands on deck to serve your customers, no matter what industry you’re in. Sending a team member out to shovel is inefficient and reduces your productivity. On the other hand, putting off plowing can leave you at risk of fines, prevent customers from visiting your business, and even lead to workplace injuries that can be expensive and reputation-damaging.

Hiring a snow plow service is a small investment that’s worth it. Shearer Patio & Landscape Services has professional equipment that can quickly remove large volumes of built-up snow without putting anyone at risk. We’ll work fast and efficiently, taking steps to protect your property and minimize disruptions to your operation.

Service You Can Count On

Shearer Patio & Landscape Services has been serving the Columbus area for nearly 20 years. We’ve built our business on the strength of our service and availability. As a result, we know how crucial timely snow plowing is to your operation. Every hour you can’t open due to excessive snow costs you money and jeopardizes your profitability.

We’ll be there whenever you need us. Just as importantly, we’ll get the job done right the first time, treating your property with respect and consideration. Failing to do so can lead to damage to your asphalt or masonry, as well as the potential for liability issues if there is an injury on your property.

Who We Serve

No commercial snow plowing job is too big or too small for Shearer Patio & Landscape Services. We can provide prompt service for large mall, hospital or school parking lots, as well as retail storefronts and other smaller spaces. In addition to snow plowing, we also offer salt spreading and related services — everything you need to keep your property safe for customers and employees, all winter long.

We offer both one-off service in the event of a storm and seasonal contracts based on your business’s needs. Pay for the season and get the peace of mind of knowing you’ll have a truck dispatched to your location whenever you need it.

Get in Touch to Learn More

Find out why we’re smart businesses’ choice for snow plow services in Columbus and Delaware, Ohio, and beyond. Make us your only call when the first big storm of the winter hits. For more information about our plans and pricing, speak with a Shearer Patio & Landscape Services representative directly by calling our office. You can also get a quote by filling out our online form.