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Snow and Ice Removal Services

Snow and Ice Removal Services in Columbus & Delaware, OH

Our snow removal capabilities complement our plowing and salt spreading services to offer complete maintenance solutions for all businesses. If you don’t have room for conventional plowing, we’ll haul away excess snow once we clear it from your driveway or parking area. The result is a clean, secure and well-maintained property that customers and employees can use all winter long.

Benefits of Snow Removal

Snow removal from a professional plowing service can have several benefits. Most importantly, it clears away snow that would otherwise build up on your property. Large snow drifts in a parking lot are a safety hazard as they impede the flow of traffic and force vehicles closer together — a concern that is only compounded by wet or slippery winter asphalt.

Furthermore, the weight and pressure of a large snow pile can cause structural damage to your property that can be expensive to repair. Rather than wait until spring to address the issue, take proactive steps after the first big storm by having by having your snow removed by a professional service.

Staying Safe in the Winter Months

Large snow drifts are serious dangers that need to be removed by trained personnel with specialized equipment. Don’t attempt to send an unqualified employee to do the job. You can also minimize risks by keeping your property well-maintained otherwise:

  • Be aware that snow and ice can build up in your eaves and on your roof, and watch out when standing under them.
  • Keep supplies on hand such as shovels, salt, and sand for clearing away smaller walkways.
  • Use pylons to mark off areas where there is a higher risk of slip and fall accidents.

Come to Columbus Snow Removal Experts

There are lots of snow plowing and salt spreading companies serving the Central Ohio area. Not all of them have the removal capabilities of Shearer Patio & Landscape Services. We have a large fleet of professionally serviced trucks ready to be dispatched to your location. Our team responds quickly in an emergency and can clear away large volumes of snow in fewer trips than other companies.

Beyond our technical capabilities, our commitment to customer service excellence distinguishes us from other Columbus snow removal companies. As a small, local business ourselves, we understand the importance of staying productive, no matter what the weather brings. We’ll work quickly to clear away any snow with a minimal amount of disruption to your operation, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Snow and Ice Removal Plans and Pricing

Shearer Patio & Landscape Services offers several convenient options for companies requiring snow removal. In an emergency, call our office and we’ll send a truck out as soon as possible. If you routinely experience high volumes of snow that must be removed from your property, we can provide an affordable season-long contract that saves you money and takes the hassle out of coordinating service.

Get in touch with Shearer Patio & Landscape Services. Call or contact us online to request a quote or learn more about how we can help your business.