Top Quality Outdoor Kitchens

Bring the Heart of Your Home Outdoors With an Outdoor Kitchen Design

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where your loved ones gather to share meals, celebrate events and create memories. With an outdoor kitchen, you can bring the heart of your home to the outdoors.

The Sunday meal becomes a leisurely event in an outdoor kitchen. It’s the perfect place for friends and family to relax, enjoy good company and savor delicious home-cooked meals. It’s also the perfect place to entertain guests at night.

From Design to Installation, We Turn Your Vision to Reality

Shearer Patio & Landscape Services has been transforming Columbus region with beautiful landscape designs for over 20 years. We use our combined 75 years of experience to design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. From initial layout ideas to picking out the hardware, we’ll be with you every step of the way, turning your dream into reality.

We’ll start your custom kitchen design by listening to you. How do you envision the space? What do you like to cook? How many people would you like to entertain? Then, we’ll assess your outdoor area and provide ideas on how to design an outdoor kitchen that matches your vision.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

An outdoor kitchen is one of the more complex projects due to all of the components involved. When we start planning your outdoor kitchen, we’ll consider:

How you’ll use the space– For example, if you want a traditional grill, we’ll ensure the smoke won’t reach gathering guests. We’ll work different counter heights into the design as well, so your outdoor kitchen can accommodate all the ways you’ll want to use it, from preparing meals to hanging out at the bar. We’ll also consider the rest of the backyard space. With the right design, your outdoor kitchen will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

The appliances you need– The appliances you need will determine the size and layout of your kitchen. You want ample room between them, and you want plenty of counter space around them. We’ll also incorporate the kitchen triangle design for an efficient layout.

The finishing touches– From custom lighting to water features, the finishing touches are what bring your outdoor kitchen to life. We’ll help you finalize your custom kitchen with design elements that match your dĂ©cor and style, creating the perfect outdoor space.

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