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Outdoor Lighting to Brighten Up Your Home

Outdoor lighting is an important part of landscaping that is, unfortunately, usually forgotten. However, when skillfully placed, outdoor lighting can turn your home into a neighborhood focal piece. Lighting can also make your property safer and more secure. Shearer Patio & Landscape Services can design an outdoor lighting system that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical for your Columbus-area home.

The Foundation of Your Design

Before finalizing your lighting design, there are two basic aspects to landscape lighting you’ll need to consider:

  • Safety — Highlight any areas of your property that pose risks. For example, a bend in a walkway can trip a guest who doesn’t see it coming, while large, shaded areas near your home can encourage break-ins. You don’t need to place a spotlight on these areas to manage them effectively, but they should be a priority. Ironically, when attempting to light their own lawn, may homeowners unintentionally create these kinds of blind spots. It’s important to evaluate your plans before installation to get rid of potential safety or security problems.
  • Style — From the types of light fixtures you choose to how you direct beams of light, your design choices will have a significant impact on your home at night. An upscale property shouldn’t have spotty, mismatched lighting or rely on neon tracks running up to the front door. These kinds of mistakes can quickly devalue your home. Instead, decide on a single style for your outdoor space. Classic? Modern? Country chic? If you’re happy with the look and feel of your home’s interior, you may want to mimic the same look outdoors.

Ways to Create the Most Impact

Once you’ve decided on your lighting priorities and your style, it’s time to consider the best methods for putting your plans in motion. There are several ways to make your home stand out in a good way. Unfortunately, if you place lights in the wrong areas, your lighting can have the opposite effect. When determining the impact you want to make, start with these decisions:

Unique lighting positions — The position of your lighting makes a powerful impact. Uplighting, moonlighting and silhouetting all create surprising results, although uplighting can be used in more situations. Uplighting situates lights at the base of trees and other structures. When the light shines upward, it adds an ethereal glow to bushes or an elegant touch to your mailbox. It’s also an effective way to improve security near the bases of trees and the corners of your home.

Moonlighting is best when you have a section of pavement with a broad-leafed tree nearby. By shining a light down through its branches, you can create a whimsical pattern on the ground. Similarly, you can use silhouetting to create shadows against light-colored retaining walls and other “blank canvases” found on your property.

  • Staggered lights along walkways — Beautifully lined paths appear more elegant and inviting when they aren’t perfectly matched. Soft white LEDs are the perfect new bulbs for these installations, as they last 40,000 hours, use up to 70 percent less energy and require less expensive wiring.
  • Water feature filters — If you have a pool, pond or fountain on your property, lighting will help you make the most of it at night. If you position the light to filter through water, you can create mesmerizing patterns on nearby seating areas or retaining walls.
  • The right fixture for the feeling — If you end up choosing a more theatrical, formal or whimsical approach, make sure those plans work with your light fixtures. Brushed nickel cylinders will sterilize a romantic display, while antique lanterns will clash with a formal setting. When they complement one another, pairing the right type of light fixture with the right style of lighting will create a cohesive look your guests will love.

With so many options involved in outdoor lighting, an expert can help you weigh your options and make the best decision. Improve the look of your home and make your property safer and more secure without outdoor lighting — contact Shearer Patio & Landscape Services for a no-obligation lighting consultation today.