Plant Pruning/Shaping

Ornamental Landscaping and Tree Pruning Service

Keeping your lawn and landscaping healthy means committing to a regular maintenance schedule that includes shrub and tree pruning, landscape edging and other time-consuming tasks. Many property owners don’t have the time or the interest to expertly maintain their exterior. When you hire Shearer Patio & Landscape Services to prune your ornamental trees and shrubs, we’ll protect your landscaping investment — and keep your property looking beautiful.

Tree Pruning

Maintaining your exterior plants and trees is about more than enhancing the beauty of your home. Without regular care, you risk any investment you’ve made in your property. In the most serious cases, you also risk safety. When you hire Shearer Landscape & Patio Services, we’ll:

  • Assess the large and ornamental trees on your property for potential safety hazards. Can you identify a dead branch or tree? We can remove dead limbs and trees from your property before they fall and damage your home, family, friends or pets.
  • Structurally prune for improved shape and balance. If your trees are allowed to grow unchecked, a tree can damage your home, power lines or itself. Shearer Patio & Landscape Services will make sure your trees don’t interfere with your roof or other important structures. We’ll make sure it grows in a way that assures a long and healthy life.
  • Prune at the right time. As tempting as it is to prune trees and shrubs during your first warm spring weekend, pruning is best accomplished during the dormant winter season months. Pruning during dormancy limits the stress on the trees and shrubs while also reducing the risk that your plants will develop unwanted insects or fungus.
  • Prune just enough. You don’t want to prune too many branches, but you also don’t want to prune too few. Shearer Patio & Landscape Services can rid your trees and shrubs of damaging pests with the right amount of pruning, without pruning so much that your tree dies from stress.

Landscape Edging

When you view any beautifully maintained property, you’ll notice that shrub and flowerbeds are carefully mulched and edged. Although mulching and edging improve the appearance of your property, edging is also important for several reasons:

  • Landscape edging prevents grass, mulch, weeds and plants from migrating to unwanted areas. Especially during growing season, plants can expand from one location into another quickly. Edging keeps grass and plantings where they belong.
  • Landscape edging can improve water flow and absorption. If your property has drainage problems, a properly edged bed can keep water and mulch where you want them. Mulching also protects the roots of your plants and inhibits weed growth — edging keeps mulch in the bed.
  • Landscape edging and mulching can enhance the value of your home. A properly maintained exterior provides the appearance of a well-cared-for property. If you’re selling your property, curb appeal matters, and curb appeal begins with landscaping.

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