Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizer is essentially food for your lawn. Just like people, lawns need regular feeding and proper nutrition to maintain good health. Ensure your lawn receives proper care and feeding by taking advantage of the quality lawn fertilizing services and expertise offered by Shearer Patio & Landscape Services.

Timing is Key to Effective Fertilization

Proper fertilizing requires more than just going down to your local home improvement store or nursery and buying the cheapest commercial fertilizing product you can find, then haphazardly applying it to your lawn. To attain the maximum impact from your fertilizer, you need to know how and when to apply it.

A fertilization technique often involves a series of carefully planned phases. For example, a fertilizer that controls crabgrass may be necessary to apply in April or May, followed by one to aid in weed control in June. In July or August, you may need a fertilizer which strengthens your grass while helping to combat the onslaught of lawn-destroying insects. In fall, another type of fertilizer can help prepare your lawn for the harsh winter season. Let the licensed lawn fertilizing experts at Shearer Patio & Landscape Services take all the guesswork out of when and how to apply the proper amount and type of fertilizer at the right time.

Soil Type Is Key



Not all soil is created equally, and soil types can vary greatly from one area to another, and even from one yard to another. The type of fertilizer you need and in what quantity is determined in part by the type of soil you have in your yard. Our lawn maintenance experts at Shearer Patio & Landscape Services can determine which fertilizer is best-suited for your soil type, keeping your from wasting money on a fertilizer product that is of little use to you. We’ll also apply it in a manner which meets the specific needs of your lawn.


While fertilizer serves as the food for your lawn, mulch creates the foundation for thick, healthy lawn growth. Mulch is a cover that is laid over the soil to help it retain moisture and reduce erosion. As with fertilizer, mulch also provides essential nutrients and helps retard harmful weed growth. Shearer Landscaping’s lawn care professionals are well-versed in effective mulching techniques and can apply them to your home’s or business’ lawn.

Mulch Materials

Mulch can be composed of a number of different materials. Organic mulches may consist of leaves, sawdust, woodchips or grass clippings produced by a lawn mower. Mulch can also come from man-made products like recycled rubber tires. In cooler climates, rock or gravel is often used as mulch to take advantage of their ability to retain heat and prolong the growing season. But you won’t have to worry about trying to figure out which mulch type is right for your property, not when the mulch experts at Shearer Patio & Landscape Services are available to consult with you during the mulch selection process.

Mulch Application Considerations


As with fertilizer, knowing when to apply mulch is important to its successful use. Applying mulch in late winter or early spring can act as an insulator for the soil which helps it retain its moisture. A mid-summer application helps the soil maintain its high temperature well into the fall season.

75 Years of Lawn Care Expertise

Whether your lawn care needs call for mulch, fertilization, mowing or landscaping, Shearer Patio & Landscape Services can handle any Central Ohio lawn care challenge. We’ve been serving the area for over two decades, and we offer you more than 75 years of combined expertise. No fertilization or mulch job is too large or too small, and we value your input in selecting the right lawn care techniques for your home. Contact Shearer Patio & Landscape Services today!

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